Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tender? Trigger? What's The Point?

I've been asked about the difference between tender points (A Fibro Thing) and trigger points (A Myofascial Thing).

I'm still doing some research on myofascial pain syndrome, which by the way 95% seem to have in addition to the tender points of Fibro. I'll give you the difference here today and a book I recommend to help take away some of the pain by self massage. It really is helpful.

Taken from The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook by Clair and Amber Davies:

"Myofascial pain is usually localized and its cause is very specific in the form of trigger points, whose extreme tenderness always reveals their location."

"Tender points are typically present almost everywhere and aren't limited to muscles. Fibromyalgia is believed to have a systemic cause, instead of something specific to the muscles, and the entire body is usually involved.

Muscles with trigger points feel firm; muscles of the fibromyalgia sufferer are soft and doughy. Muscles with trigger points stiffen the joints and inhibit your range of motion. In Fibromyalgia, the joints are loose or even hypermobile, although the person may have an overall subjective sense of stiffness and may be hesitant to move because of ongoing pain."

That's the easiest description I've read in my research so I thought I would share in hopes it will help with some of you.

The therapy book works on trigger points but sometimes can hurt more than hinder, at least for me. However, if I stay away from the tender points while massaging my trigger points, I actually feel a lot better. I use this for the arch of my foot and so far so good.

Just a suggestion for those of you who feel a lot of muscle pain. There are ways for you to massage yourself and save a couple bucks and who doesn't love saving money??

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