Saturday, March 26, 2011

The MJ experience.

I've been asked in emails and on the blog about my Marijuana experience and I've been avoiding the answer because I'm not at a point to give a definitive answer.

That, and I have been relatively busy and kept forgetting. ::grins:: Sorry ladies! I'm a dope.

Instead of wait until I have all the answers, I figure I might as well bring you all along on my journey, such as it is.

The question I get most often is whether or not MJ works for my symptoms. And I have to answer honestly. I don't know.

It's been since September of 2010! How can I not know anything more? LOL Well, I'll tell you.

The only MJ I've had is crap that's scraped from the bottom of a baggie housing homegrown illegal yuck. Did it help me fall asleep? Yup! But I also freaked out and had a panic attack the first time. That didn't work out so well. The next few times I tried less, and that worked better but I still had a migraine and pain. The stuff just wasn't strong enough.

I made the call, excited to get started in the process of getting medical grade stuff. I made an appointment with a doctor through a service that puts patients with Doctors who will look over their symptoms, determine if they are candidates and then "prescribes" the medical marijuana. Sounds perfect.

I go to the doctor's office with my 200.00 and I even went to my general doctor to get a copy of my medical records.

Sitting in the lobby, I answered page after page of information about my health. Extensive. To the point where, the potheads sitting next to me, couldn't figure out how to fill some of it out. I had to smile. But then I frowned, wondering if I would be that dumb once I started to self medicate with MJ.

Doesn't matter. I can't take the narcotics anymore. If I get a little more dumb, so be it! Anything to get rid of the migraines and the depression and pain.

After a forty minute wait, I'm called into the doctor's office and he makes a copy of my ID. He photo copies two pieces of paper for me, and highlights what I need to fill in for the state.

Then he asks me for the money. I hand over the 200.00 and ask him what I do next. He tells me to choose a caregiver.

Well what's that? You're not a caregiver? I ask.

A grower. Someone who supplies the weed.

Okay, so how do I find one?

The doctor tells me he knows a guy. I'm not making this up! lol Maybe this is just how things are done, right?

So he takes down my number to give to his "guy" and I ask what kind of MJ I need and he told me to do research on the internet and find someone who grows what I need.


Oh, and he mentions I'll need an additional 100.00.

What for?

The state's fee. I'll need to mail the check with the paperwork. Now I should mention just how long it took me to get together 200.00. I didn't have an extra 100.00. I still don't have it! lol

So my copy of my ID sits here, wrinkled and ripped with as many times as it's been pushed around my room, awaiting the day I get 100.00 together.

To be clear, I paid 200.00 to fill out a bunch of paperwork, and get this MD's stamp on my paper. He reassured me though, if I were denied, he'd continue to make copies for me free of charge to try again.

I learned more on the Michigan Medical Marijuana forums than I did paying 200.00 to this so-called doctor.

Online I learned that there are different types of MJ for different symptoms. Patients who tried them even report what works best for them and for which ailment.

The bad news? I have no idea who grows the type, and when I do find a "caregiver" they're booked with patients, as one caregiver can only have up to ten patients or some such. I can grow my own...but I don't know how...and I can learn, but can't afford the equipment.

Am I frustrated? Most definitely. The laws are primitive and seem to only be specific when it's highly inconvenient.

For now, until I get some extra cash--not living from paycheck to paycheck, I'm going back to my neuro in hopes that he'll prescribe me oxygen. I've heard that can be good for migraines.

As soon as I can, I'll write up so more stuff on Medical MJ for Fibro, including some things that I've heard about MJ upping the chance for mental issues. But first, I want to do more research and find out what is truth and what is rumor. I know the prescription drug community isn't happy with the legalization of MJ, so who is to say about these "new studies". First I want to find out who sponsored them.

Like always, my friends and fibromates, take care of yourselves.