Sunday, March 29, 2009

Busy Bee. My Apologies!

I've told a few of my friends that I pulled a muscle in my shoulder but not many. I was spring cleaning and thought "Why break things up? Why not get it all!"

As many of us know, that's probably the silliest thing I could have done. I woke up that night unable to move and I've been miserable for the last few days. Ugh!

Which brings me to a good point. Over-exerting while pushing ourselves to the limit is a fine line and when we get cocky and cross it, we do ourselves in.

I'm constantly saying "push push" but what I should be saying is "push...wisely". I knew I should only do the sweeping one day and the mopping the next and the vacuuming after that but NOOOOOOOOO. I guess I thought I haven't been in enough pain lately. What with having mostly 98% days!

So I'm trying this new pain reliever for those of us who react badly to narcs. MSM(You may recognize this from the list of supplements good for Fibro). The "roll-on" version that I have (think deodorant haha) is called CryoDerm.

It states that it is greaseless and that's true. Fast relief...ehhh not so much did clear my sinuses. That's kinda nice.

The sharpness of my pain did decrease decently though, so I'm optimistic. Woot!

I will continue with the "important vitamins" list tomorrow if the weather and my deodorant cure allows it.

I miss you all,
As always, I hope you are having 98% days!

I'm just now

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