Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fibro Vitamins Part 2

I'm feeling a little uncoordinated today. I hate those days where your mind feels sharp but your body is a little tardy on the brain commands. I just spilled an entire glass of merlot all over my dining room. Apparently, Merlot is made of rubber, because those droplets bounced all over the place when it splattered. I mean how do you spill something UP? The wine bounced from the floor up underneath my table. What a fun mess to clean up first thing in the morning. That'll teach me to leave glasses lying around until morning won't it?

All right, back to "the list" of vitamins taken from Prescription For Nutritional Healing by Phyllis Balch CNC.

Last time I covered what is considered "Essential" vitamins to take. As I stated, the list goes in order: Essential, Very Important, Important, and then Helpful. But with Fibromyalgia, there is nothing lower than Important.

Today's List is Very Important.

Supplement: Dimethylglycine (DMG) (Aangamik DMG from FoodScience of Vermont)
Dosage: 50 mg 3 times daily.
Reason: Enhances oxygen utilization by the muscles and destroys free radicals that can damage cells.

Supplement: 5-Hydroxy L-tryptophan (5-HTP)
Dosage: 50 mg daily for 1 week then increase to 100mg daily.
Reason: Enhances synthesis of serotonin in the brain. Excellent for pain relief.
CAUTION: Do not use if you take an MAO inhibitor, commonly prescribed for depression.

Supplement: Free-form amino acid complex (Amino Balance from Anabol Naturals or Amino Blend from Carlson Labs)
Dosage: As Directed on label.
Reason: To supply protein essential for repair and rebuilding of muscle tissue and for proper brain function. Use a formula containing all the essential amino acids.

Supplement: Garlic (Kyolic from Wakunaga)
Dosage: 2 capsules 3 times daily.
Reason: Promotes immune function and increases energy. Also destroys common parasites.
plus Kyo-Green from Wakunaga
Dosage: As directed on label.
Reason: To improve digestion and cleanse the bloodstream.

Supplement: Grape seed extract or Pycnogenol
Dosage: As directed on label.
Reason: Powerful antioxidants that protect the muscles from free radical damage and enhance immunity.

Supplement: Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)
Dosage: As directed on label.
Reason: Provides support for tendons, ligaments, and muscles.
Note: Because this supplement contains sulfur, you may notice an odor to your urine.

Supplement: Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)Cream
Dosage: As directed on label.
Reason: Relieves Pain.

Supplement: S-Adenosylmethionine (SAMe)
Dosage: As directed on label.
Reason: Aids in relief of stress and depression, eases pain, and produces antioxidant effects that can improve the health of your liver.
CAUTION: Do not use if you have manic depressive disorder or take prescription antidepressants.

Supplement: Vitamin B Complex injections (with Vitamin b6 and b12 and raw liver extract [which is a source of iron as well as B vitamins so be careful])
Dosage: As perscribed by a physician.
Reason: Essential for increased energy and normal brain function. Injections (under doc's supervision) are best. All injectables can be combined in a single syringe.


Supplement: Vitamin B complex.
Dosage: 100mg of each major B vitamin 3 times daily with meals. (Amounts of individual vitamins in a complex will vary)
Reason: If injections are not available or once the course of injections has been completed, use a sublingual form of all the B vitamins listed.

(GIN'S NOTE: B vitamins give some people a bad reaction for some reason. I've heard of the following allergic symptoms: Chills, Fever, Itchy skin rash, headaches and nausea. You can try switching your B complex or stop them all together and take the B vitamins separately, one at a time per month to see which is giving you the reaction or if it is all of them.)

I will do the important list soon but I have to say, if you have the money you should buy this book. It has a lot of great supplements in it and the reasons you should take them for a ton of different conditions! It's fabulous.

As always, My Friends, take care of yourselves.
All my best,

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