Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fibro Vitamins Part 3!

We've done the essentials, we've done the very importants! Now the last on the list is the plain "important" vitamins that one should/could take to aid in their battle against Fibro.

I want to stress again that these vitamins are a pick and choose. NOT a take all of these every day. Haha. You'd have to bring a purse of vitamins with you wherever you went and every 10 minutes take something! Yikes.

Treat the symptoms that are bothering you the most! Remember to ALWAYS CHECK DOSAGES with your doctor despite what this book states.

List of Important Vitamins from the Prescription for Nutritional Healing by Phyllis Balch: (Buy the book, you'll be glad you did!)

Supplement: Calcium
Dosage: 2000 mg daily
Reason: Needed for proper functioning of all muscles including the heart; relieves muscle spasms and pain. Deficiencies are common in people with this disorder.


Supplement: Magnesium
Dosage: 1000 mg daily

and Supplement: Vitamin D3
Dosage: 400 IU


Product: Bone Support from Synergy Plus
Dosage: As directed on Label
Notes: Contains, calcium and magnesium pluse other minerals to aid absorption.

take this Bone Support with
Potassium (99mg daily) for proper muscle function and selenium (200 mcg daily unless you are pregnant. Then no more than 40 mcg.) Selenium is an antioxidant. Also take Zinc (50 mg daily without exceeded 100 mg daily taking in consideration all daily vitamin zinc counts) and copper at 3mg daily. Zinc is needed for proper functioning of the immune system and the copper is needed to balance it.

Supplement: Capricin from Probiologic or Probiata from Wakunaga
Dosage: As directed on label.
Reason: To combat candida, which is associated with Fibro.

Supplement: Chromium
Dosage: 200-400 mcg daily.
Reason: To help balance blood sugar levels and aid in preventing night sweats.

Supplement: Creatine
Dosage: As directed on label. Do not take with fruit juices, as this combination produces creatinine, which is difficult for the kidneys to process.
Reason: To combat muscle depletion. Should be used in conjunction with a balanced, nutritious diet.

Supplement: DL-phenylalanine (DLPA)
Dosage: 500 mg daily every other week.
Reason: Can be very effective for controlling pain. Also increases mental alertness.
CAUTION: Do not take this supplement if you are pregnant or nursing, or suffer from panic attacks, diabetes, high blood pressure, or PKU.

Supplement: Essential fatty acids (black currant seed oil, flaxseed oil, Kyolic-EPA from Wakunaga or primrose oil)
Dosage: As directed on label three times daily with meals.
Reason: Protects against cell damage and helps to reduce pain and fatigue.

Supplement: Fibroplex from Metagenics
Dosage: As directed on label.
Reason: A formula containing vitamins B1 and B6 plus magnesium, manganese and malic acid.

Supplement: Fibro-X from Olympian Labs
Dosage: As directed on label.
Reason: To relieve pain. Contains many nutrients listed in this label plus shark cartilage.

Supplement:Gamma-amino-butyric acid (GABA) or GABA Pluse from Twinlab
Dosage: As directed on Label
Reason: For proper control of brain function and to control anxiety.

Supplement: Kelp
Dosage: As directed on label.
Reason: Contains minerals that support the throid.

Supplement(s): L-Leucine, L-isoleucine, and L-valine
Dosage: 500 mg each daily on an empty stomach. Take with water or juice. Do no take with milk. Take with 50 mg of vitamin B6 and 100 mg vitamin C for better absorption.
Reason: These amino acids are found frimarily in muscle tissue. The are available in combination formulas

plus L-carnitine as directed on label to increase energy.

Supplement: L-Tyrosine
Dosage: 500-1000 mg daily at bedtime
Reason: Helps to relieve depression and aids in relaxing the muscles.
CAUTION: Do not take this supplement if you are taking an MAO inhibitor drug.

Supplement: Melatonin
Dosage: As directed on label 1-2 hours or less before bedtime
Reason: Promotes sound sleep. A sustained release formula is best. Take a sublingual form during the night if you wake up and cannot go back to sleep.

Supplement: Multivitamin and mineral complex
Dosage: As directed on label
Reason: All nutrients are necessary in balance. Use a high-potency hypoallergenic formula.

pluse carotenoid complex (Advanced Carotenoid Comples from Solgar) at 15,000 IU daily.

Supplement: Ocu-Care from Nature's Plus
Dosage: As direct on label.
Reason: Contains essential nutrients to protect and nourish the eyes.

Supplement(s): Raw thymus glandular and raw spllen glandular plus multiglandular comples
Dosage: As directed on labels.
Reason: To boost the immune system.

Supplement: Reishi extract
Dosage: As directed on label
Reason: A mushroom extract that helps the body deal with stress and increases energy levels.

Supplement: Taurine
Dosage: 500 mg daily on an empty stomach.
Reason: An important antioxidant and immune system regulator necessary for white blood cell activation and neurological function.

Supplement: Vanadyl sulfate
Dosage: As directed on label
Reason: Protects the muscles and reduces overall body fatigue.

That finishes the vitamin list!
All my best, My Friends!

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