Friday, March 13, 2009

The poll results for the anti-depressant questionnaire were rather interesting. The majority of people who took them felt they helped their symptoms a little but left other symptoms untouched. Most of the symptoms that were missed were pain related and most who found the A-D meds to be a little helpful wouldn't want to take another one.

Sometimes the side-effects outweigh the benefits but not to everyone. And although there are many of us who had bad reactions to A-Ds and never want to try another again, I would caution everyone not to discount the advancements in medicine every year.

I know that sounds a little weird coming from me. Haha. But keep in mind, I don't plan to be the Guinea pig. Ya'll can go first and if it works for you... ::winks::

Thanks to everyone who participated in this poll. I will be putting up another one either today or within the next few days.

I'm a bit bogged down at the moment, I apologize for the erratic postings. For the next few days I'll be a smidgen busy so you may not see me. Depends on if I have internet access.

Hope everyone is having a 98% day!
All my best,

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