Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Yeast Within...

I'm going to be putting up a poll soon.

It's going to be all about yeast. Yippy.

Candida Alibicans are directly linked to many of the conditions Fibromyalgia Sufferers have. In fact, if you look at the monster list of Fibro symptoms and compare it to a monster list of Candida Albican symptoms, you'll notice very few differences.

So how do we know if we have a really nasty yeast infection or Fibro? Do we have both?

The beauty of it all (yup, that's sarcasm right there) is that Candida Albican disease has even fewer tests than Fibromyalgia, though they can test your blood and get your yeast count as well as take a stool sample.

Once it is determined whether or not you have an over abundance of yeast (I do, btw) your doctor is likely to tell you the same that mine did. Yes, you have yeast, but there's no study out there to support whether or not killing it is going to do anything for you.

Yet another disorder where it is hard to prove it is detrimental to my health? Nothing concrete?! Someone can still say "It is all in your head, Gin?"


Okay, I'm frustrated, obviously. But it isn't my doctor's fault. She isn't telling me there is nothing she can do for me, only that treatment is unproven. She's willing to give it a shot, though and she told me to call her if I decided to risk upsetting my stomach again, by taking a seven day course of Diflucan. (I think I spelled that correctly.)

The mention of stomach problems again, freaked me out. But then I remembered that I had IBS a few months ago, but when I took a yeast infection pill...I was cured.

Yeast infection pill got rid of my IBS. Huh. Maybe it could get rid of all the vaginal illnesses. The constant yeast infections I kept thinking I was getting, only to be told not enough yeast was showing up to treat it. So it was all in my head?

Nope...probably all in my blood. According to my research (Still in the baby stages, granted), yeast grows into fungus (ewwwww) and that fungi takes over the bowels and makes life hell. Okay I'm paraphrasing.

Still, despite the lack of evidence, the lack of research, and the general lack of faith in a Candida Albican disease (is that even what it is called? sheesh), I'm going to try to treat it. I'm going to try to get back the days where I'm not terrified to eat a piece of bread. I'm on day four of my seven day treatment and the pain in my lower pelvic area has dissipated but I still don't feel up to snuff.

I'll let you know after the "chemical" treatment whether or not it works. I'm also checking out a few natural cleanses and pills if this doesn't do it.

I'll let you all know.

Feel free to send emails about your experience with yeast, I'd love to hear it.

All my best, My Friends,

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