Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Hi all!

I hope everyone had a great long weekend! I had a mild headache and was very happy about that. LOL Odd isn't it? But usually I have horrible migraines around my menses, so the fact I had a little one was awesome!

I have received a few emails about conditions that are related lately, to the point I decided to answer them on my blog than by individual mails.

A facebook correspondent recently asking me via private message: "Have you heard of anyone with fibro also having spondylosis - a form of spinal arthritis?"

I've also been asked about costochondritis (of which I suffer), and R.A, and back pain, and mysofascial pain syndrome. All recently.

The questions vary from the one above that came from a great lady concerned about her daughter's unfortunate condition, to other questions asking me whether or not these are symptoms of Fibro.

Like fingerprints, everyone's fibro is different...and no one knows what brings on Fibro.

For my Facebook friend B.T. the answer is that spondylosis is a separate condition, not related to Fibro. However...Fibro could have helped point out this existing condition or could be the direct cause of having Fibro.

What do I mean? I can almost hear some of you giving me a mental smack down to clarify. LOL

Fibro has no determined origin. Only theories on how and why and when people get fibro. With the Nov. 2008 study of blood flow to the brain, there is a theory floating around that lack of flowing blood to the brain is the reason why no one can find a pattern to the development of Fibro. Everyone has experienced the lack different ways for different reason.

Some of us maybe received it at birth...maybe our poor posture is cutting off blood flow...or our arthritis or bone issues are bringing it about. Accident victims might have compressed the flow or...well you get the point.

Blood flow makes sense and I'm leaning towards that but keeping my options open. A few years ago they thought chicken caused cancer...::shrugs:: so things can always change, new discoveries can be made.

In short...what comes first? Fibro or the other conditions? It is anyone's guess but for me it seems like Fibro reacts to stress in our bodies, whether it is blood flow or not. That is why we have flare-ups. It seems to reason that if Fibro reacts to stress so badly...perhaps that stress is what caused the Fibro in the first place. Emotional...physical...no one can say.

To B.T. and her daughter...all of my best wishes for treatment and pain-free days. Here are a few spondylosis links that may be helpful...

http://www.spineuniverse.com/displayarticle.php/article3097.html For treatment options.
http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/cervical-spondylosis/DS00697 Definition of the condition.
And I really like the visual aid with this page http://www.spineuniverse.com/displayarticle.php/article1440.html

...and to the rest of you, My Friends...Be well, and as always, let me know if you find information that contradicts what I've said here.
We're all learning our condition, and though I've done a ton of research, there is always new stuff that slips through. And I do a lot of reading to keep up on the latest. Your help can make my advice stronger!

Love you all!
My best,

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  1. Hello!Im very happy to find your blog..Im a fibromate..I have beem reading some of your posts for the last half hour..Great work with the vitamins!And I also found very encouraging the fact that you fight for a positive morale!Yes we have to keep trying!But it is soooo hard!!!!!!
    I hope to keep in touch and encourage each other!
    Here are my blogs..