Thursday, May 21, 2009


What a busy week that was!

With the book release and the house party, my daughter's birthday and Dan graduating...the fun never stopped and neither did I. Now I have a new puppy in my house and my sleep schedule is suffering for it.

Sleep is so important to Fibromates, that if anything disrupts the pattern we manage to get ourselves into (which is hard enough) we get symptoms. Yippy.

I've had a few brain twinges the last few days. I hate those. I'm assuming they are related to allergies because I have noticed that they occur most often when I'm having a bad allergy day. Of course, I also notice it when I got too many days on the Alavert allergy meds. If I take anything stronger than Alavert the brain twinges are even worse. Not fun.

Then to add to my issues this week, I've notice those little circles of dead skin coming back with a vengeance. They're small, various sizes of small, and they are red with yellow tinted centers once the dried skin flakes off.

I have a dermatologist appointment in June. Boy is that helpful. What am I to do until then? Look like I have lesions I guess. If anyone has experience with this type of rash, let me know. Or if you have noticed it like I have, I'll let YOU know what I find out next month.

Supposedly, I'm allergic to the sun and I *was* out cleaning up my yard for a few days. Maybe thats it.


Otherwise, I'm feeling great. I'm keeping active. I'm going for daily walks and my energy is back to what it should be after the yeast pills. I think I still have a bit of yeast in my blood but I'm still feeling better than I was. Even though the pills made me sick to my stomach, it was worth it to feel how I do right now. I'd go through it once a month if I had to. I think I'm going to try a cleanse this coming up week. One of those natural candida cleanses and see if I feel even better.

The things we do to ourselves! lol

All my best, My Friends.

I'll get to the letters soon, I've just been swamped and you have my most humble apologies.

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