Friday, May 15, 2009

Yay! Book Release Day!

Today, my ebook released!

I am very excited about it and happy to see my pen name scrawled across a beautiful cover. (A little on the naughty side because it is erotic.)

But today's post isn't about self promoting. Not in the "selling my book to my fibro friends" way.

Nope! Today is about overcoming our aches and pains to see our goals realized.

I know so many who have sent me their updates on what is going on in their lives now for the positive and I can't help but feel overwhelmed with pride.

Not because I have had anything to do with it personally, but just by knowing them. It takes super human strength to fight the pain, fatigue, and myriad other complaints to in the "outside" world.

Some of us...don't make it. Some of our Fibromates simply...can't fight their way out of the pain and that breaks my heart. It won't stop me from encouraging them, though. I don't give up on people.

However, there are others who push, push, push (mostly out of frustration) and find themselves in a better place and happy about life again.

These Fibromates (and you know who you are) are inspirational to me. I think of them when I have a bad day or a flare-up and I hope they can think of me too.

Draw strength by the inspiration of others and realize that life might be harder for us, it may take us 100 times as long to climb our dream mountain as it would the average person but we'll get there if it kills us!

Thank you for all the support these last few months!

Upcoming the week, I'll discuss my yeast battle and where I'm at with it.

As always, My Friends, have a great, 98% pain-free, day!

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