Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Want My Life Back!

It's disheartening how often I hear those words. "I want my life back!" I've covered my views often on this blog and on loops and groups I'm in. There isn't a 100%. But 98% is obtainable.

I've talked on and on about vitamins and eating better and exercising and while I'm positive those things help, the first move is far more complex.

It comes down to belief.

Whether you want to call it mind-over-matter, spiritual confidence, or divine inspiration, one thing is for certain. We have to convince ourselves we can get better.

In a lot of different studies and tests you see the medicine pitted against placebo and some of the results are quite close. That tells us quite a bit about the human race. We can "talk" ourselves into anything.

I'm not suggesting we can cure ourselves by hypnotizing our minds into believing our bodies are healthy. They're not. We know this because we can feel it.

But I don't believe we're at a disadvantage knowing what we know. Instead of worrying over what every little pain is. We know! It's Fibro and its here to stay. So wince with the pain but keep on walking! Don't let it stress you. This isn't something you haven't felt. This too will pass! That us power! Just like when we first found out about our Fibro.

At first, a lot of Fibromyalgia patients are relieved to know they actually *have* something and they're not crazy. But that feeling usually melts into the pool of self pity once the knowledge that there is no cure overwhelms us. Depression follows and we start noticing more symptoms, more pain, more fatigue.

Fibro is dictated by stress and (I know we all don't want to hear it...) laziness. The more we let the diagnosis get us down and the more we lay in bed to nurse every little pain...the worse it gets. It stops being "little pain" and graduates to big daddy pain. Once it gets to that stage our body gives up and our mind follows shortly.

We have to get out of that rut! We have to make ourselves work every day! Nonstop! Towards the goal of decent health so that we can TAKE our life back.

Some of us are so far down the thought of even rolling out of bed and lifting a leg in attempt to exercise seems ludicrous. It isn't my friends.

I'm a perfect example of what can happen when you get ANGRY and you push Fibro back!

I went from 110 lbs to 160 lbs. I laid in bed every day. Barely did a thing. I moved from my bedroom to a chair in my living room and sat there and played games to get my mind off of the pain. I felt sorry for myself. Used narcotics often enough to have black spots in my memory. I took so many meds I had to go to the hospital every time I got a migraine because nothing helped any more. I gave up!

I told you the story of my daughter, and that incident coupled with a failed marriage and a will to overcome and live my life again inspired me to start the fight.

It didn't happen right away. It happened for a week.. and then I crashed... and then I tried again and that lasted two weeks. Etc. Finally, I realized its like kicking a drug habit. Shaking off the Fibro Life to get back to a normal one is possible, if we don't stop forcing it. What do we have to lose? What's the worse that can happen by pushing ourselves to the brink?

We'll hurt ourselves? That's possible, (probable considering the exercise) but we're already hurting just doing nothing. YOU decide when you hurt and why. You can get better control on your condition, all you need to do is believe it and make it happen.

I have faith in you,

**Disclaimers on all typos. lol

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