Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pain Meds vs. Treatment

On a few of my loops and groups I've noticed a growing number of Fibro Patients that talk a lot about the pain meds they take. Despite my reservations about acknowledging the fact that they are needed, I'm here to testify that I know in many cases they are.

When I get a horrible headache regardless of the precautions I take and the vitamins I ingest and the stretches I do and the workouts I sweat for...every once and a while I'm going to get pain. And not just any pain...FIBRO PAIN. Gahhhh.

I've often talked about how well I've been doing and how I haven't needed anything chemical. (Which is good because most pain meds and other chemical products all make me have horrible reactions. Yippy.) But yes.. even I have five steps forward and one back.

Yesterday, I had the mother of all migraines. You know the type. Can't move, can barely breathe, throwing up from a side position. Weeee.. fun. The most hard core drug I can stomach these days is fioricet. It took the edge off after a night of hell.

But here's my point. Pain meds have their uses. When things get so bad we can't move...popping a pill is fine. No one should have to lay around in agony.

HOWEVER, I have seen an alarming rise in people who say they have tried everything and nothing has worked except narcotics. "What are you doing now?" I ask.

"Nothing," I was told. "My doctor and I have tried everything and now it's just percocet."

I refuse to believe that. I don't care if everything else has failed you should still be trying something! There is NO REASON to stop taking Vitamins because you believe they stopped working for you. Well.. your body needs them anyway so why stop? Why put yourself at a disadvantage by refusing to take them because they didn't make you feel awesome again?

Here's what I want to stress to you today my friends. Pain Medication is NOT a Fibromyalgia treatment. Anti-depressants, anti-inflammatories, vitamins and supplements, chiropractic care, physical therapy, and exercise....THOSE are Fibro treatments and I hope with all of the medical break-throughs every day that we'll be able to add to that list.

When the fibro treatments aren't enough or we have really bad days of pain (which happen to even the healthiest Fibro Patients) you can take something to take the edge off and get back to your treatments.

But if all you're looking for is a drug that will keep you high and happy until someone discovers a're going to miss half of your life. You're also going to lose a lot of respect and a lot of ground for those Fibro patients who are struggling every day to fight, not only the condition, but the stigma that surrounds it.

Keep your pain meds. You'll need them my friend, but do NOT use them as a tool to hide behind. Take control of your body and your condition. Fight it, don't mask it.

As always, be well friends!

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