Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sympathizing With The Incredible Hulk

Happy Valentine's Day friends! Or should I say...Hallmark Holiday? I was never that into celebrating V-day although it does get me dinner once and a while.

Today is a good reminder that life goes on around us all the time and to be light-hearted whenever we can because the burden we carry is so heavy.

On a couple of my loops today I'm going to start strings on what inspires everyone to get happy when they really need it. Feel free to share your stories in comments to this article if you like. I love hearing from everyone.

One of the things I love to do when I'm feeling down is watch movies. It usually pumps me up but it can also make me have a good cry session that results in a "moment" for me. Those moments...though technical not a good moment, is essential so that I can have my positive times.

So in a sense, movies help me change my mood to best benefit me. Music also has that power, though TV, for me, is last on the totem pole. I like to read as well but that requires focus. My focus isn't always reliable. LOL TV for me is good because of the History Channel and Discovery. I'm a huge history fan and watching ancient civilizations discovered and explained is oddly soothing to me.

Get to the Incredible Hulk story already! I bet you're saying that.

It is impossible for me to go to bed before 2a.m. unless I'm wicked sick. So I watch movies that I've seen so much that they don't hold my interest so strongly that I stay awake. One of the most recent movies that I watch when I lay down to sleep is The Incredible Hulk. (The Ed Norton/most recent version)

I love it. And last night as I'm falling asleep I realized why.

Anyone with Fibro could have played that part perfectly. The movie starts out with a counter "Days since last incident". We can all relate to that. It can be us counting until our last flare-up or our last IBS episode etc.

Bruce Banner is trying to find a normal life, constantly researching in hope the a cure will come out of the haze of his life, which is no longer his own. Newp...he shares it with the Hulk.

I can't speak for everyone, but on my horrible days (Hulk days) I am not a good person to be around. I will snap someones head off their body if they say the wrong thing. And my the Universe help them if they say something insulting!

One part of the movie, Bruce is looking at himself in the mirror and that was when the profound revelation that I related to this character hit me. There was such sorrow in that moment. It was probably less than 30 seconds but for me it was the best part of the movie. It was as if he were trying to find himself in the reflection...what he had once been or maybe, looking for what he could be if he knew what to do.

There's a part where they're in the car and Betty is trying to console Bruce Banner by telling him that it's okay. That the Hulk is just and extension of who he is and she's sure that a part of him is still in there somewhere. And typically of Bruce (and Fibro patients) he snaps at her: "I don't want to control it I want to get rid of it!"

RAAAAARRRRRR! One thing we don't have that the Hulk does is the ability to bash peoples heads in with an automobile. Tell me that wouldn't be fun the next time you see one of those "Fibromyalgia patients are a bunch of fat lazy housewives in need of attention" posts.

Be well my friends!

What Inspires Me:
Movies: Apollo 13, 13th Warrior, The Incredible Hulk, Ghostbusters, Lost In Translation
Music: Evanessence, Breaking Benjamin, 30 seconds to Mars, movie soundtracks (Gladiator among others.)
TV: Anything on the History Channel and Discovery that covers historic people and places.
Books: Romance and Erotic novels.

Others: Sick children. Watching their strength gives me strength.
"! and ... " Two punctuations you will see me abuse on a regular basis.
My daughter and her laughter.
My traveling dreams and the promise of a happy relationship.
Improvisational writing...the muse of my creativity.
The planet Earth and all her elements.

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