Friday, July 3, 2009

The Twitters!

I received notification via Facebook, that a friend of mine and fellow fighter of Fibromyalgia, has been working on developing a low impact exercise regimen five minutes every day for 22 days!

Her progress is in journal form on Twitter so I have decided to try and Twitter so I can keep up with her. Anna! I'm so very happy for you and your fight for wellness.

Those of us with Fibro know just how hard it is to stick to a schedule. Everyday things take us quadruple the energy of normal folk so five minutes might sound like nothing to some people who stumble upon this page...but for Fibro Mates, we know just how hard it is to exercise at all!

That is why I always smile when someone tells me they have managed to stick with exercise longer than 10 days. By the 10 day mark, most of us are ready to stop and let our arms or legs fall off...sure that with all the pain, that is exactly what the appendages will do. LOL

So, Anna, I salute you in pushing yourself near the thirty day mark and hope you will keep going each day.

Remember, and this is not just for Anna... Do NOT push yourself harder than your body can go to try and "feel the burn". While this is great for people without Fibro.. WITH Fibro, you could feel the burn for a few weeks and destroy your pattern, which we all need to get in the habit of sticking to our exercise regimen.

For me, Fibro Fog can gum up the works, so I have to make sure I walk my dog twice a day around the same time. Luckily, because my exercise is a brisk walk through the hood with my puppy...she serves as a reminder. "Okay, Gin...time to go for that walk now!"

All recap.

Exercise is good.

Don't over exert.

Kudos to Anna for the update.

And I've made a Twitter which may not see much use. I still recommend the emails as opposed to tweets since 1) not too many people use Twitter. 2) I check my mail more often than I do Twitter.

But, it the choice is up to you, Dear Friends!

All my best hope for great days of exercise and 98% pain-free weeks.

**disclaimer on all typos that are well within my control but outside of my ambition.


  1. Cheers to you and Anna. I at least go for a walk/short hike every night. In the mornings I will do a light workout. Along with a minimal gluten & sugar diet. It has kept the lbs off and I am almost back to my old physique. Not 145lbs though, but close enough. LOL. It is not easy by far, but I am making the most of it. Every movement you can make really matters. And trust me, I do have bad days where I just force my self to walk.

    P.S. My Twitter link is on my blog.


  2. Thanks Gin for the Article! If anyone wants to follow my ramblings, they can. But let me warn you, we have Fibro fog going on, and meds, and someone fighting against structuring her life. If she hears another alarm go off to remind her to take a med, you don't want to be around. But I am trying because I know it is good for me. Go to @FibroMateLog and tell me Gin sent you. You won't be able to comment. I'm thinking of setting up a Twitter for FibroMates.