Saturday, December 26, 2009

Blog Purpose and A Call For Help

Every once in a while I get a letter that shakes me up a little.

I don't mean in a bad way, though the letter I'm referring to had decidedly bad news.

A lot of the time I get the same questions about pain, itching, IBS, prescription drugs, and vitamins that I don't always have much to say on the blog. Pretty much the archives can give out so much information that I find I don't have to post all the time.

"Here's what happens to me. It might be the same for you. Here's the newest rumors. See you next time."

My blog has a certain feel to it. Kinda homey. To me anyway. Like an aunt once comes to visit when they're looking for the same ole. LOL

I don't always keep up or run with the latest "helpful" trend. I sit back and wait to see and then post my opinion and my sources etc. I try not to complain too much about the sucktitude of Fibro because I don't see a point in it other than feeding into the depression beast that threatens all of us.

But perhaps because of my repetitive ways...some vital things fall through the cracks of my routine and bring me up short. And in my opinion...this is a very good thing. I don't want to become complacent in helping out my fellow Fibromates and their families. I don't want people to just visit the archives any more.

I want people to ask questions even if they think it's something I've gone over a hundred times. I want be helpful. I need to be. Because I refuse to believe my life's worth lies in my ability to feel pain. Instead I realize that my life's worth lies in my ability to press on, to help, to become important to myself as well as to others and I hope that you all can feel that too. In yourself and in me.

I'll do my best to answer ALL questions old and new in the upcoming year to refresh the archives and create new.

Now...that being said, I want to get back to this letter I received.

The gentleman said nothing about covering his story on my blog so I won't mention any names or get overly specific. I wouldn't post anything about it all if I didn't feel it reiterated a VITAL point about my last post against a drug.

The author of the letter lives halfway around the world and he let me into his life with his email. To summarize, he and his children lost their wife and mother to a suicidal incident that may be related to Topamax.

He's looking for answers, and I want to give them to him.

So I'm calling out to my readers. I know there are lawyers out there pursuing the drug company and I want to know what proof they have that makes them feel as though they can win these cases. There has to be something or they wouldn't advertise. As I said in my November post, Lawyers don't pay good money for a commercial spot if they aren't sure they can win.

What do they know? Whatever it is... I want to know it! And I want to give it to those who can take comfort in closure. I said I was coming out against Topamax before, but now I'm coming out swinging. I've received dozens of reports from readers and read on many loops about this drug and suspected effects and allegations. So what proof is out there?

My friends, help me find it?

All my best wishes that everyone had a great holiday if you celebrate, and a healthy new year to come.

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